Could It Be Affected by Gender Through Public Toilet Seat?


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Even though it looks clean, the public toilet seat still raises concerns. Because the toilet is known to be a nest of various types of germs. This is why many people prefer squat toilets for fear of contracting germs, let alone getting venereal disease from the toilet seat. Wait a minute, is it true that venereal disease can be transmitted through the toilet seat? Here's the explanation.

Can I get venereal disease from the toilet seat?

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Basically, the virus enters the body through mucous membranes, namely the type of skin found in the mouth, genitals, and anus. Viruses can also enter the body through the surface of an open skin (wound) or tear fluid.

According to Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale Medical School, most bacteria cannot live outside human tissue. Because the human body tissue is an ideal environment for bacterial growth.

Meanwhile, Philip Tierno, Ph.D., a clinical professor from NYU Langone Medical Center said that the herpes virus, chlamydia, and gonorrhea can only live outside the human body for about 10 seconds. That means that both bacteria or viruses that cause venereal disease cannot live outside the body for a long time.

Then, almost impossible a person is infected with venereal disease through a public toilet seat, towel or other object used by an infected person.

In addition, bacteria or viruses that cause venereal disease will also not be carried away by urine. Therefore, bacteria or viruses will not stick to cold and hard surfaces such as toilets.

What should be more worrying is transmission through contact between the skin (touch) or mouth (kiss). Yes, kissing can spread herpes. In fact, more wet and deep kisses can spread gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Meanwhile, contact with skin and skin can also spread infections such as genital warts, herpes, scabies, and pubic lice.

How to safely use public toilets

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Although the toilet seat will not make you have venereal disease, it never hurts to keep protecting yourself from exposure to germs in the toilet. The trick is to clean the toilet seat with tissue first before using it.

After you have finished urinating or large, clean and wipe the genitals dry to prevent germs from remaining in your genitals. Don't forget to rinse (flush) toilet to rinse germs that are still left in the toilet.

Your own immune system is the main defense against infectious diseases in public toilets. The most important thing is you must wash your hands after toilet

Washing your hands is not just washing, rubbing, rinsing, and just drying it. Perform hand washing techniques properly and correctly for 20 to 30 seconds on all parts of the palms and fingers, including under the fingernails. Give gentle rubbing between your fingers to loosen and release germs that are lodged in the hand. After that, rinse thoroughly and dry with a tissue or hand dryer machine.

Not only that, use dry tissue when closing the tap and touching the toilet door handle when going out of the toilet. This is useful to prevent your hands from carrying germs when you return to your activities.

Could It Be Affected by Gender Through Public Toilet Seat?
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