7 Rules for Using Contact Lenses During Holidays (Can You Use Swimming?)


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Holidays are moments that you have been waiting for for a long time. You may have planned various exciting activities during the holidays, for example going up flying fox or try all the rides in the recreational park. Well, for those of you who use glasses because of minus or plus eyes, it feels more practical to use contact lenses. So how do you use contact lenses that are safe and do not interfere with your activities during your vacation? Check out the tips in the following review.

How to use contact lenses that are safe and comfortable during the holidays

1. Wear sunglasses

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Using contact lenses while on vacation must be careful. Well, one way to use contact lenses that are safe while on vacation is to keep them using sunglasses. Especially if you are vacationing in a sweltering area like on the beach.

Because the sunglasses can provide protection for contact lenses from exposure to wind that will make the eyes dry. Wearing contact lenses all day plus the many possibilities of dust and wind entering your eyes, you can prevent using sunglasses. Sunglasses can also protect the eyes from the blazing, blinding sun.

2. Choose contact lenses equipped with ultraviolet (UV) protection

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There are various types of contact lenses on the market that are equipped with their respective uses. One type that can support your activities during the holidays, namely contact lenses that contain protection from ultraviolet.

This type of contact lens can reduce the possibility of ultraviolet light penetrating the eye. Even if you want better protection, you can combine the use of anti-ultraviolet contact lenses and sunglasses.

3. Try disposable contact lenses (disposable contact lenses)

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Usually when on vacation, you will go for a full day's walk. This will make the eyes more susceptible to irritation. Because dust, dirt, even small sand can enter the eyes. If you re-use contact lenses that have been contaminated with these elements, fear of irritation to the eyes will get worse.

The solution, you can try this type of disposable contact lenses. No need to bother anymore to clean contact lenses every day. Another advantage of this type of contact lens is that it can prevent the eye from experiencing the risk of chronic dry eyes, infections of the corneal lining, and irritation. What's more, it's highly recommended for those who have allergies.

4. Change contact lenses with glasses

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Every now and then, there's nothing wrong with the use of contact lenses with ordinary minus glasses. Because wearing contact lenses is still categorized as being using a foreign object from plastic in our eyes. What's worse, if you use contact lenses too often, can change the way your eye cells work.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to intersperse its use with glasses occasionally. Although sometimes it seems tiring to have to wear glasses all day, but if you get used to it this isn't too bad, really. Besides that, the use of glasses will further maximize your vacation activities without having to fear eye irritation due to contact lenses.

5. Avoid sleeping with still wearing contact lenses

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Not infrequently because so many activities carried out, make you return to the inn in a state of fatigue. Eits, wait, before you really fall asleep, it's good to take a little time to remove and clean contact lenses. The reason is, contact lenses are not designed to be used for a long time.

The recommended time limit for using it in a day is only about 10-12 hours. If more than that, it will increase the likelihood of the eye experiencing a serious infection. Even this risk can increase after you spend a full day in a windy place or in a sandy place.

6. Avoid swimming using contact lenses

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Reporting from the All About Vision page, water can be a source of dangerous viruses and microbes. One of which is Acanthamoeba which can stick to contact lenses so that the cornea becomes infected and inflamed.

If the infection is too severe, you can permanently lose vision. It even requires a corneal transplant to restore vision again.

Therefore, try to protect your eyes well during swimming, that is by using swimming goggles. Before the holidays, you should choose swimming goggles with special lenses that have been prescribed according to the condition of your eyes. For example, if you have eyes minus, plus, or cylinder.

7. Try to always drop eye drops

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How to use contact lenses during other holidays that are no less important is to always drip eyes during using contact lenses at least 2-4 times a day. Because, contact lenses require a healthy consistency of tears during use.

While activities that you do outdoors can result in a reduced amount of tears. Therefore, dripping back eye drops specifically for contact lenses can make your eyes moist and refreshed.

7 Rules for Using Contact Lenses During Holidays (Can You Use Swimming?)
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