The Importance of Drinking Lots of Water Before Blood Donation


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Want to avoid heart disease? You can try blood donation. Blood donors are not just voluntary activities that are beneficial for people who are just blood short, but this activity is considered to make the donor's body healthier. Besides reducing the risk of heart disease, this activity can also help you lose weight.

Interested in donating blood? Remember, before donating blood, you should drink enough water. Why?

Why should you drink water before blood donation?

Maybe you already know that 70% of your body contains fluids obtained from food and drinks that you consume so far.Lack of fluids makes your body weak and not fit. In fact, if you want to donate blood, then you have to make sure if your body is in the most fit and strong condition.

Remember, too, when you donate blood, you also donate body fluids. This can make you less fluid and your blood pressure decreases. For that, you are advised to drink 500 ml of water immediately before donating blood so that you do not faint after donating your blood.

What happens when I have a blood donor?

This activity only takes about 15 minutes to an hour. After you have done a thorough medical examination, you will be asked to lie down and the needle will be inserted into the vein.

When the needle is inserted, you may feel uncomfortable. However, this will take place in a fast time. The amount of blood taken from your body is only one bag, equivalent to 473 ml, of the total blood in the body around 4731 ml.

When will I recover after donating blood?

After the blood donation process is complete, you will feel a little weak and tired, as your blood levels decrease. However, your body will recover quickly. Your body only needs food and drink to replace all the blood and fluid that comes out.

Even the fluids in your body will return to normal a few hours after you donate blood. meanwhile, red blood cells return to normal levels six weeks after blood donation. Therefore, if you want to donate blood again, you have to wait at least 56 days or 8 weeks, when the body is ready to return.

The Importance of Drinking Lots of Water Before Blood Donation
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