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Does Itchy Beard Continue? These 5 Things Can Be the Cause!


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Having a manicured beard is a dream of some men. Many even think that by having a beard, the masculine side of a man will be more visible. Growing a beard may not be a difficult thing, but extra attention is needed to treat it. Do not let the beard that should add to your confidence make you uncomfortable, especially if you often experience itchy beards. Have you ever experienced it?

Causes of itchy beards

Beard or hair that grows in the chin area is generally owned by some men. However, not all men are comfortable with the beard that grows on their faces. Although there are those who feel more confident, others don't feel comfortable because the beard feels itchy.

Well, actually itchy beards can be overcome and relieved. The important thing is you have to know first what causes the itchy beard. See the explanation below, yes.

1. Dry skin

Dry skin can be caused by cold weather or very dry air. Washing your beard with hot water for a long time will also make your skin dry.

Pay attention to the shampoo or soap you use to clean your beard. Instead of making your beard cleaner, the natural oils found on the skin can actually thin out, which in turn causes the skin to lack oil and become dry, causing itchy beards.

2. Beard hair grows into

This case usually occurs when a beard that has been shaved or cut does not grow outward, but returns to the layer of the skin structure where the beard grows.

In the end, the follicle becomes reddish and inflamed and makes your beard itchy. Usually this is experienced by many men with curly hair types.

When some time after shaving the beard itches and red around the area you have shaved, observe carefully. There may be beard hair that grows like it shouldn't.

3. Bacterial infections

The cause of itching on your beard can be caused by fungal infections, viruses, or bacteria in the hair follicle layer. These itchy bacteria can come from anywhere, including a beard razor or a dirty, moldy towel.

If this happens to you, you should clean the area overgrown with beard or cleansing soap and pay attention to the cleanliness and storage method of the shaver.

4. Seborrheic eczema

Seborrheic eczema or seborrheic dermatitis is a condition when your skin feels itchy, red and creates scales. This case usually appears on the area of ​​the skin overgrown with hair. In addition to the beard, this condition often also occurs in the head.

5. The shaver is not clean

Apart from the factors mentioned above, many itchy beard events caused by shavers are not kept clean. Even though it looks trivial, don't underestimate all your beard care processes.

Always keep the shaver in a clean and closed place, don't forget to always clean the shaver after using it. In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the shaver, the way you shave your beard must also be considered.

In essence, the step to shave a beard is not difficult. Avoid shaving too deeply and don't shave too often; ideally let the beard grow around 2-4 weeks before you finally shave it back. Also, apply a shaving cream before you shave your beard.

However, if the itching on the beard does not heal, you can consult this with a dermatologist for other causes.

Does Itchy Beard Continue? These 5 Things Can Be the Cause!
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