Smart Tips to Overcome Itchy Beards Based on the Causes


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Itchy beard is one of the consequences that must be faced by a bearded man. In most cases, the itching is caused by incorrect treatment. But if the itchiness becomes more severe and unbearable, there may be a specific cause that masterminds.Then, what causes itchy beards, and how to overcome them? Check out the review below.

Various causes of itchy beards that you may not realize

Itchy beards can occur due to various things, from mild to severe problems. Here's the explanation

Dry skin

Dry facial skin is prone to irritation which can make the beard itchy. This can also be caused by the habit of washing your face too often, which can erode the skin's natural layer of oil. This is prone to causing the skin to dry out so that the skin feels itchy

Dry skin can also caused by weather that is dry or too cold.

Ingrown hair

Shaving back and forth (not in one direction), being too pressed, and hurrying with a blunt razor is the wrong way to shave your beard so it can cause hair to grow in - especially if you have very curly hair. This condition makes your beard itchy.

Preferably, shave from the ear area and then descend towards the cheeks, mouth and chin. Start shaving with a short, dragging motion in the direction of the hair growth path. If it's not smooth, rinse the razor and repeat using a shaving cream every time you repeat the shaving.


When the hair follicles that enter into become inflamed, this condition is referred to as folliculitis. This inflammation is caused by irritation due to the use of a razor, though it cancaused by bacterial, viral, or fungal infections.

Itchy beards caused by folliculitis usually also cause red and felt skin hurt when touched.

Seborrheic eczema

Seborrheic eczema is a chronic inflammation that makes the skin dry, red, itchy and flaking. This disease usually occurs on the scalp, but can also attack other parts of the body that are oily, such as the face,

Fungal skin infections

Fungal infections of the facial skin are caused by a type of dermatophyte fungus called tinea barbae. This conditionusually makes the skin red, inflamed and crusty around the mouth, cheeks and under the chin. This condition is similar to ringworm on the scalp.

How to deal with itchy beards

How to deal with itchy beard depends on what the underlying cause is. If caused by dry skin, this complaint can be treated with ointments or creams that contain lactic acid and urea. For cases of itchy beards caused by folliculitis, the medicine is glicolic acid (Neo-Strata).

Antibiotic creams such as mupirocin or bactroban are usually used to treat bacterial infections, while antifungal creams or ointments are intended to treat itchy beards caused by fungal infections.

If you have seborrheic eczema and itching in the beard area, doctors usually prescribe hydrocortisone cream, clobetasol, or desonide.

If the itch has lasted a long time and even gets worse after treatment, the doctor can advise you to permanently remove the beard through a laser procedure or photodynamic therapy. If the itching causes a purulent bump, the doctor can deflate it through a small surgical procedure.

How to treat the right beard to prevent itching

1. Keep your face clean

Wash your face regularly twice a day, morning and night, to cleandirt on the face.Clean skin will prevent bacteria from multiplying and preserving so that skin is not too oily.

Don't forget to wash your beard. Ideally, mustaches and beards should be washed two to three times a week. But if you are among those who often sweat and move outdoors such as at the construction site, you should wash your beard and mustache every day. Because the beard is prone to exposure to dust, dirt, and various types of germs and bacteria that can cause problems.

2. Give conditioner

Not only hair, the beard also requires a conditioner so that the texture is smoother and not easily irritated. Choose a conditioner that contains jojoba oil or argan oil for routine care of your beard.

3. Avoid using chemicals

Choose facial soaps, shaving creams, and special after shaves that do not contain alcohol and other hard chemicals. A good shaving moisturizer should encourage the recovery process faster and moisturize your skin.

Smart Tips to Overcome Itchy Beards Based on the Causes
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