Be Careful, Strict Diet Before Wedding Day Can Be Dangerous


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For women, a wedding day is certainly one of the most important days in life. Many things must be prepared carefully, starting from the guest list, ordering venue, looking for event organizer, and of course find the right dress. Prospective brides are competing to find dresses that make their bodies look as slim as possible. So, automatically, a strict diet program is included in one of the important lists that must be done before the D day arrives.

"Every bride certainly realizes that she will be the main spotlight on their big day. Each step and their movements will be caught on camera and immortalized, so they naturally want to look as perfect as possible, "according to Robyn Flipse, a nutritionist and author of the book" The Wedding Dress Diet ".

Pressure on the bride

The pressure to look "beautiful" is certainly getting higher with time, but unfortunately, this pressure is followed by the weight goals that sometimes make no sense.

The narrow definition of beauty in society certainly provides its own problems. Sometimes, the bride is not only depressed by the images circulating in the media, but also the family or closest friends who provide input. Claire Mysko, one chief executive officer from the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA), saying that some prospective brides were so pressured to look thin on their wedding day that they risked having an eating disorder (eating disorders).

Differentiate between 'normal' and dangerous diets

Diet is one of the biggest triggers for someone to experience an eating disorder. As many as 35% of those who go on a diet ultimately have a poor diet, and 20-25% of those numbers end up having eating disorders. When someone has gone on a diet and tried to lose weight, it will be very difficult for them to distinguish between the 'normal' diet and which diet has begun to be dangerous.

Before starting a diet program, prospective brides are advised to ask themselves first whether they are able to maintain the program within a safe limit forever. If the answer is no, then you are not advised to start dieting.

The bride and groom must be able to set realistic goals and change their focus from reducing as much as possible to adopting a healthy diet and exercising that they can sustain for life. It's also good if the prospective bridegroom is included in this activity in order to support each other.

What are the characteristics of a strict, dangerous diet

Although there is nothing wrong with the effort of a bride to go on a diet and exercise, the lifestyle is in a dangerous category if it interferes with the daily activities and health of the bride and groom.

Your diet might be too much if:

  • You keep exercising even though you are injured or exhausted.
  • You withdraw from relationships and activities that you normally like.
  • You become stiff and inflexible with your new lifestyle.

Eating disorders contribute to the largest mortality rate compared to other mental disorders and can cause serious health problems such as kidney failure and heart attacks. Therefore, it is important for you to be able to keep your diet pattern within safe limits. Friends and other family members can also help the bride and groom not to focus on their appearance, and keep praising the bride for who she is. Remember, true beauty is not visible from the outside, but radiates from the heart.

Be Careful, Strict Diet Before Wedding Day Can Be Dangerous
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