Children Are Difficult to Eat Because Just Want the One-That's All? Contek 5 ways to overcome them


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Your child just wants to eat chicken nuggets and sausages every time it's time to eat? Or just want to eat instant noodles, and if it is forbidden instead tantrum rampage? Children who just want to eat it and that just make them annoyed and worried. Because the nutritional adequacy of children will not be fulfilled if he only eats one type of food every day. This can even cause children to become malnourished if they continue to be left for a long time. Then, how to deal with children who have difficulty eating if this continues?

Tips for overcoming difficult-to-eat children because they only want that

If your child refuses to eat the food you have provided, don't hurry up first. Check out various ways to deal with a child who has difficulty eating, because he only wants his favorite food.

1. Make smaller meals, but often

If a child doesn't want to eat, don't force him to eat. Calm down ... Your child won't starve just because you don't provide food of his choice.

So instead of giving a large portion of food, you should eat just a little but often. Give him a small meal, then two to three hours later give him a new menu. Serve various types of interesting foods of various colors and textures. This can also be applied if your child feels quickly bored with the food.

Try not to worry too much if your child only eats a little at certain meals. Between meals, you can provide healthy snacks for him to block hunger. Try offering fruit, milk, yogurt, cheese, or peanut butter bread but in small portions, yes!

2. Get used to eating regularly

By applying the habit of "eating small portions but often", gradually the child will build a regular eating schedule. That way, he will get used to eating at the same time and regularly.

Feed the child at the right time. If the child is tired, do not force him to immediately eat and give time to sleep or rest first. Give snacks or milk before the child naps. Ask everyone at home or who cares for your child to follow this routine.

Making a regular eating schedule will also have a good impact on his diet when he grows up.

3. Create a varied food menu and attractive appearance

Children can feel bored, especially if you always make the same menu. Instead, make a varied diet. The more varied the food you use, the more nutritious your baby's food will be.

Don't forget to always provide food with an attractive appearance. For example, decorating food like his favorite cartoon. If possible, invite your child to prepare food, such as washing vegetables, stirring the dough, or tidying the table. That way, the child will want to eat food that he made himself.

4. Make the meal time as comfortable as possible

You can take your child to eat with friends, for example by inviting some friends to home to have lunch at home.

Serve snacks or healthy food to your child's friends. Children are very influenced by their peers. If their friends eat healthy food, your child may follow it too. Children will also be more eager to eat and can eat more when with friends.

When eating alone, keep children away from television, pets and toys. This makes it difficult for children to concentrate on eating.

5. Don't law children

If the child does not finish his food and leave it for a long time, take the child's plate without commenting. Do not force the child to eat the food.

In addition, don't try to promise the lure of a gift or threaten to punish it as a way to deal with a child who has difficulty eating.

Instead, you just need to continue to introduce a variety of new foods regularly to him. Let the child take his own food with his hand if he wants. This gives him the opportunity to learn various food textures. Children will also feel more comfortable to eat alone and this is a way of teaching responsibility to children.

Children Are Difficult to Eat Because Just Want the One-That's All? Contek 5 ways to overcome them
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