Easy Ways to Teach Children to Eat Alone


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As growth grows, babies will want to be able to eat on their own. But, for children to be able to eat by themselves clearly requires skills.

How to teach children to be able to eat alone?

1. Give finger food snacks

Give food that is safe to eat with your child. You can start by giving them pieces of food that are small enough to chew and swallow easily, such as foods that dissolve easily in the mouth; when babies start growing bigger, you can start offering more food.

Practice many times with your child. Meal time is an opportunity to interact and help your child to be able to eat alone. Sit with your child, talk about new foods, and keep individual bites to push the clamping grip. Take your child's hand, unite with your hand and demonstrate.

Always focus your eyes on your child when they learn to eat finger food. The risk of choking can be minimized by giving them a small bite.

Be prepared for chaos because babies and toddlers usually make a mess when they learn to eat. Use a dining pad, and remove the carpet or place a protective cover under the baby's seat to minimize damage.

2. Try eating with a spoon

Use the right baby spoon because the teaspoon and tablespoon will be too big for the baby's mouth. Use two spoons at first: one for your child and one for you. Feed your child as usual, and they will start trying to use their spoon.

Show your baby how to use a spoon and then help them by placing your hand and moving his hand to demonstrate. Gently point the spoon into your toddler's mouth.

Choose food strategically. Start with thicker and denser foods; these foods will stay awake on the spoon, while more juicy foods will drip before your child successfully places the spoon in their mouth. Yogurt, soft cheese, and pudding can work well. As your child progresses, replace it with liquid puree and soup.

Give an example. Eat when your child eats; eating with family is important to teach self-eating skills, communication and manners.

Easy Ways to Teach Children to Eat Alone
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