Various Foods That Can Overcome Nausea When Pregnant


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Nausea is common in almost all pregnant women. In fact, nausea is a sign of early pregnancy. Nausea during pregnancy occurs because of hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, such as an increase in the hormone estrogen. This can mean your content is developing well, not a bad thing. However, of course nausea during pregnancy makes you uncomfortable. You may need to increase food intake to treat nausea during pregnancy.

Foods to treat nausea that should be consumed

Nausea can certainly affect your appetite. However, do not let your food intake decrease when nausea. Remember, your fetus needs a lot of essential nutrients for its development and growth. For that, as much as possible wake up your appetite.

Eating some food to deal with nausea is needed now. Certain foods can help reduce nausea. Some foods that you should eat when you are nauseous are:

Fiber foods

Add fiber intake from vegetables with medium fiber and fresh fruits. Fiber in vegetables and fruit can help reduce acid production in the stomach, which can reduce nausea. In addition, fiber also helps smooth your digestion.

Cold food

Eat cold foods such as gado-gado, vegetable salads, fruit salads, salad, raw vegetables, ice cream, and others. The temperature of food can make a difference, maybe because hot temperatures can make food smells stronger. Sometimes, warm foods can make pregnant women more nauseous and even want to vomit. Meanwhile, cold food can be a savior for the mother. However, also pay attention to the cleanliness of raw cold foods, such as salads or raw vegetables. Make sure the food is clean of germs and bacteria.

Foods high in vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 can help treat nausea in some cases. According to the American Pregnancy Association, food sources of vitamin B6 that are good for pregnant women are whole-grain cereals, oats, whole wheat bread, bananas, papaya, avocados, spinach, fish, kidney beans, peas, meat, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, walnuts, nuts soil, cashews and chicken.

Foods that are easily absorbed

Foods that are quickly digested by the body such as potatoes, porridge, bread, chicken soup, biscuits, and others are good for nausea. The problem is, these foods will not settle in the stomach for too long and make you more sick and nauseous.


Ginger can also warm the body, can also overcome nausea and soothe the stomach. Try adding ginger slices to hot water or tea. You can also add grated ginger to a soup or stir-fry mixture so that the food tastes more delicious.


To deal with nausea with lemon, you can do this by adding lemon juice to a glass of water or even licking lemon slices. A refreshing aroma and lemon flavor can help calm your stomach and reduce nausea.

In addition, you also need to drink more water to help deal with nausea. In addition to refreshing the body, drinking water can also balance body fluids, so you avoid dehydration.

Foods that should be avoided when nauseous

You should also avoid or limit consumption of foods that can make nausea worse, such as:

  • Foods that have a strong aroma and taste, like curry or foods that contain lots of spices. This can make you feel sicker. Moreover, pregnant women are usually more sensitive to the smell they breathe.
  • Fatty food. Fatty foods are digested longer, so that you can make you feel sicker.

It's best to eat small amounts more often so that you don't get sick quickly when you're eating. It's better to eat small meals or snacks every two to three hours than you eat big meals three times per day.

Various Foods That Can Overcome Nausea When Pregnant
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