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How is normal soreness after a normal broken heart?


Medical Video: How to heal broken heart and move on after breakup

Troubled, sad, and hurt is an emotional overflow that is naturally experienced by anyone after a breakup. But be careful. Sadness after a broken heart can make depression if it continues to be buried and left to drag on for too long. In fact, not infrequently depression due to heartbreak can lead to suicide. What are the signs and symptoms of depression because of a broken heart?

Sad because heartbreak is still normal if you feel ...

Crying, frustration, and anger are pure emotions that are truly normal. We've all felt it and will be able to continue to feel it until later.

That's because anger and sadness are usually triggered by an event that is difficult, painful, challenging, or disappointing in life. In other words, we tend to feel sad or angry with something.

Headaches, no appetite, insomnia, lethargy, and "panda eyes" that you experience after a breakup can be scientifically proven. This negative reaction is caused by a decrease in the levels of dopamine and oxytocin, a happy hormone produced by the brain. Instead, the brain actually increases the production of the stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline. In addition to making the mood drop, the high stress hormone cortisol can also be reflected in the real physical pain you experience after a breakup. In fact, physical symptoms caused by an increase in the stress hormone cortisol can be similar to the symptoms of cocaine.

Because sadness is a natural human reaction, it also means that when something changes positive in your life or when you can move on to adjust and overcome the disappointment, the anxiety in your heart will fade and disappear completely.

Breakup reactions and the length of time each person moves on can vary. However, be aware of the following symptoms of depression due to severe liver.

Symptoms of depression due to heartbreak

Unlike normal sadness and anger, depression is not a natural condition found. Depression is a mental illness that can be triggered by emotional instability and brain hormones in the long run. Depression can also be triggered by a trauma in the past, such as a breakup. But in some cases, depression can occur without any precursors.

Depression can have a negative impact on mood, feeling, stamina, appetite, sleep patterns, and concentration levels of sufferers. When we are depressed, we will feel discouraged or motivated, despaired and lost, constantly feeling sad and failing, and easily tired.

Be aware of symptoms of depression because of the following broken heart:

  • Withdraw from the social and family environment
  • Feeling sad, empty, or hopeless for most of the day and almost every day.
  • Lost enthusiasm, motivation, energy, and stamina as if there was no hope
  • Difficult to make decisions
  • Eat less or more than usual
  • Weight loss or drastic weight gain
  • Sleep less or longer than usual
  • Not able / lost interest to move
  • Difficulty concentrating and thinking clearly
  • Hard to remember
  • Feel guilty, fail, and alone
  • Negative thoughts constantly (feeling inferior and worthless).
  • Easy to be disappointed, angry, and offended
  • Excessive anxiety.
  • Difficult to undergo daily activities
  • Lost interest in things that are usually enjoyed
  • Suicidal thoughts and / or suicide attempts

Depression symptoms due to the broken heart above can be misinterpreted as ordinary sadness because they don't move on after a broken heart. But if sadness can pass quickly, this condition can continue for six months or more. Depression makes you longer to bounce back from everything.

So, immediately consult a doctor when feeling sad and upset you don't start to improve after a few weeks, or if things get worse.

How to deal with sadness after a broken heart?

Depression due to broken hearts can be prevented. It's okay to take a time out after being left behind by a loved one. Embracing emotions can actually have a negative impact on physical health, as well as mentally. However, you must face the bitter reality. Let bygones be bygones. Accepting the reality will make you easier through the ordeal, rather than trying to resist or reject it outright.

Busy and make yourself happy in your own way. For example, gathering with friends to just drink coffee in a cafe and hold a vent session. You can also watch a comedy movie, or all your vacation to a tourist spot. In this way, you also get rid of stress while running around.

How is normal soreness after a normal broken heart?
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