What Is Alter Ego? Is it the same as multiple personalities?


Medical Video: 7 Famous Alter Ego Cases | Dissociative Identity Disorder / Multiple Personality Disorder (DID/MPD)

Have you ever heard of the name Sasha Fierce? What about the Yonce name? Both Sasha Fierce and Yonce, both of which began to be known to the world when a few years ago a legendary singer Beyonce, "introduced" them to the public. Yes, as Beyonce revealed to the media, Sasha Fierce and Yonce is the identity of his alter ego. What is an alter ego? Is it normal to have an alter ego? See the explanation below.

What is an alter ego?

Alter ego is a condition in which someone forms another character in him consciously. This other character is often an ideal picture of him, which he cannot realize and is only able to dream of. Some others also say that an alter ego is their means to hide the side of themselves that they want to hide from others.

What is the difference between alter ego and 'multiple personality'?

Dissociative identity disorder (DID), previously known as multiple personality disorderor by ordinary people called multiple personalities, is a disorder in which a person has more than one identity in one body. Someone with many identities is more likely to call themselves 'us'.

In most cases, the characters possessed by people with DID are more than two people, and other characters or identities (alternative identities) are separate from each other. When an alternative identity is mastering your body, this alternative identity is in full control of your body in the foreseeable future. So that the changes that will occur are in total. Speech accent, memory, name, age, even the gender of this personality will really be different. In fact, when the identity returns to the original (original) identity, you will not be able to remember what happened to you when the other personality was taking over.

In other words, the unconsciousness that you experience when your body's identity changes, will also be followed by all changes in you, as mentioned earlier. Even if you have more than two personalities within you, each of these personalities will still function separately.

Unlike the case with alter ego. Changes in identity in the alter ego are carried out consciously and still within the authority of the original identity. In other words, there is no memory forgetfulness in the process of changing characters in people with alter ego. In addition, genuine identity also still has full authority in exchanging identities and in full awareness. When you feel that you need an alternative identity that appears, you can trigger and change it yourself.

Is it normal to have an alter ego?

Actually, everyone has the potential to have an alter ego. But in some conditions, you may not realize you have it, because the understanding of the alter ego is still different from each other, such as:

Person A. The person who has an alter ego in the form of a voice in his head that he often invites discussion when he is faced with a decision that is difficult for him to decide on his own.

Person B, who uses his alter ego for a specific purpose, like Beyonce who released Sasha Fierce only when he needed to issue a brave character in him. Whereas he feels that the original character in him is a shy character.

Person C, who issues his alter ego only at times when he is lonely and needs an interlocutor.

It's just that you need to know that, in some cases, having an alter ego can end up harming yourself or maybe the people around you. Having an alter ego is okay, as long as the alter ego that you create can still be controlled.

What Is Alter Ego? Is it the same as multiple personalities?
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