Is it true that a couple whose face is like that? Here's the Scientific Explanation.


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Have you ever found lovers who look similar? Or precisely you and your partner who is often said to have a similar face? It is said that he said, a lover whose face is similar is a sign that they are married. So, is this true? This is the explanation according to experts.

Similar faces are a sign of a mate? How come?

Maybe it's not once or twice you accidentally see a pair of lovers who have similar faces. Even because too often, you can predict that both of them are matched. Indeed, many assumptions are circulating in the community that people who are matched tend to have similar faces. Not only face, but also some traits, behaviors, and habits that are not much different.

If you currently have a partner, try to reflect on yourself and your partner. Is there really something similar about you both, whether in terms of face or habit?

Researchers have long studied this special phenomenon. According to Ty Tashiro, an author of the book The Science of Happily Ever After, there is actually an element of tendency that makes someone would prefer a partner who has similarities with him. That is why, they will feel more easily familiar with each other.

This finding is reinforced by research from the University of Liverpool, England, which asked study participants to choose two photos, one male and one female each, then assess the personality of the person they chose. Uniquely, most participants chose a pair of photos which turned out to be a couple who had been married for quite a long time.

The participants chose the pair because they were considered to have personalities that tended to be similar. So, the researchers draw the conclusion that having a similar personality, could be the cause of the faces of the two partners look similar.

However, if at this time you feel yourself and your partner do not have a resemblance, it does not mean you both are not married. The reason, Robert Zajonc, a psychologist at the University of Michigan, analyzed photos of couples taken while they were still newlyweds and compared them to photographs after 25 years of marriage.

The results show that the longer the couple together, the more they will have personality or similarity to each other. Interestingly, the shared happiness factor can also be a trigger for the emergence of physical similarities in both partners.

What causes couples to look similar?

1. Choose a partner from the same environment

The simplest reason why lovers can look similar is because most of them choose couples who are in the same environment. For example because of one school, one friendship environment, up to one scope of work.

The magnitude of the intensity of this meeting, which then fosters a match between you and your partner because of the similarity of habits. In the end grew love for each other.

2. Like seeing a reflection of yourself

Most people decide to anchor their hearts to people who, according to him, have similarities with themselves, both in terms of physical and nature. Take for example, every day you will look in the mirror so you can really understand how the shape of the face and body in detail. Including the shape of your eyes, nose, lips, jaw and more.

Because you know yourself very well this is what then unconsciously becomes your benchmark in choosing a partner. You will tend to like someone who has almost the same criteria or even very similar to yourself.

To Reader's Digest, Anthony Little, a lecturer at the University of Stirling said that this was caused by"Visual exposure" meaning that the more we see something, the more we will like it. Well, you have often seen a partner in yourself.

3. The happier, the more it looks similar

As mentioned before, the happiness factor plays a role in making the faces of lovers look similar. How come? Look, similar faces are actually not necessarily because of the shape of your eyebrows and nose and pair exactly. Similar faces can be because you both often smile and laugh. Over time the facial lines around your mouth and the pair form a similar smile, so that the look on your face looks similar.

Some studies also show that the more similarities that you and your partner have, the more likely you and your partner to stay together for a long time.

4. Have gone through many things together

In addition to the happiness factor while spending time together, lovers can also be more similar after going through many things together for quite a long time. You may have noticed, a pair of lovers who initially looked ordinary even tended to not look at all.

But as time went on, they increasingly looked suitable and harmonious with each other. Well, because of the many things they have gone through that are unconsciously able to influence the facial expression to the behavior of the couple.

For example, your partner has a serious, serious facial expression. Because you have been building a household for a long time and seeing this expression every day, you unconsciously imitate this serious expression. No wonder many people then comment that you both look similar.

Is it true that a couple whose face is like that? Here's the Scientific Explanation.
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