5 Bad Habits That Can Make Dull and Damaged Skin


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It's been diligent to wash my face, but how come the skin remains dull? Or you often use moisturizers that contain formulas that lighten the skin, but still there are no major changes to your skin. Yes, removing dull skin can't just use beauty products, but you also have to change your daily habits. Many people don't realize that certain habits actually make their skin unhealthy. Then, what are the habits that can make the skin dull and not bright?

Habits that cause dull skin that you might do every day

1. Like staying up late

If you feel you have dull skin, try to see how your sleep schedule has been lately. It could be, this is one of the causes of skin that is difficult to bright. Because, when the body is in a state of sleep, the immune system will form collagen and keratin. Both of these substances are useful for toning and nourishing the skin.

Because you are staying up late, there is no chance that the substance is produced in the body. As a result, the skin looks more dull, the eye sac thickens and is blackish in color. So, try to sleep for 7-8 hours every night and arrange a regular sleep schedule every day.

2. Can not manage stress

Maybe you are stressed and depressed lately. Stress can make your skin look dull and dingy. Actually, stress is natural, but if it's too protracted, this condition can cause health problems, including skin health. So, you have to manage stress well.

If cliched suggestions such as taking a deep breath and drinking warm herbal tea are still considered less effective to relieve stress, try other ways that can make the body and mind calm, such as massage. Massage can facilitate blood circulation and lymph production, accelerate the release of toxins, and accelerate the flow of oxygen and nutrients into the skin tissue. If necessary, before you attend an important event, take the time to do a massage, so that your skin looks healthier and radiant.

3. Many snack foods sweet

Be careful, like snacking on sweet foods can also make dull skin. Some studies have shown that eating too much just makes the skin damaged. So, often eating sweet, will make the hormone levels of insulin in the body increase, due to increased blood sugar.

Well, the hormone insulin that is too much can stimulate inflammation in almost all parts of the body. This inflammation which then makes collagen which is relied on to maintain skin health, becomes damaged. Finally, the skin becomes dull, looks old, and has a lot of wrinkles.

4. Active smoking

If you are an active smoker, then do not expect you can lighten the skin easily. Because, cigarettes are one of the triggers for skin damage. Heavy smokers have a five-fold risk of facial wrinkles compared to non-smokers. In addition, heavy smokers are considered more susceptible to skin cancer.

Smoking habits can also damage the lining of blood vessels, thereby reducing blood flow which is rich in nutrients for the skin. In fact, just by smoking for 10 minutes, the supply of oxygen to the skin, will decrease for one hour.

Of course, this will make the skin become wrinkled, brittle, and difficult to repair. Even so severe, based on a survey, 40 percent of plastic surgeons refused to operate smokers, because their skin is very difficult to repair.

5. Like to drink alcoholic beverages

If you want to have skin that looks smoother and tighter, then you should reduce alcoholic drinks and multiply the water throughout the day.

Alcoholic beverages make the body dehydrated. So, try to limit your consumption of alcoholic drinks, a maximum of one glass per day. In addition, you should stop alcoholic drinks 3 hours before bedtime, to prevent an increased risk of capillary leakage that causes swelling.

5 Bad Habits That Can Make Dull and Damaged Skin
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