Tips and Tricks for Sharpening Short-distance Running Speed ​​for Best Performance



Maybe you are already familiar with short distance running, aka sprintin English. Still not familiar with this one athletic run category? What about Usain Bolt? Yes, Usain Bolt is a famous (veteran) sprint runnerwho holds the fastest human title in the world. Sprint record distance of 100 meters Usain Bolt is recorded only takes 9.58 seconds.

As the name implies, the distance of the track used to run is really short, which is 100 to 200 meters long. With such a short distance, it looks easy to do, right? But in fact it's not always the case. You have to be really fit to get to the finish line. Well, if you want to run as fast as lightning like Bolt, simak tips on this short distance running.

Make sure your posture is perfect for the best short distance run

Good and correct posture when running can increase your running speed on the track. Incorrect posture or wrong position can increase your running time. Not only that, perfect posture can reduce the risk of injury. Check out the thin short distance run by coach Nick Anderson quoted from the following Runners World.

Shoulder and Head

Keep your shoulders down and relax. The head is aligned with a straight line with the limbs below it. Keep your shoulders straight and avoid rotation on your shoulders.


Try to imagine that your body is pulled up with a rope on your head. This is to make the weight on the waist feel right. Tighten the abdominal muscles to get the right posture.


Push your knee forward and lift it high. This will produce more power and push the reach further.


For a moment the part of the foot will touch the track, lift your toes towards the shin, until your feet are in a horizontal position. Make sure you land your feet with the center and position below the body, not in front of your body.


After touching the floor, make sure your heels form a full circular motion to the back towards the buttocks, but not to touch. Do not immediately move the heel forward before almost touching the buttocks. This will make the repulsion stronger.

Forms of training to support the performance of short distance running

There are several types of exercises that can improve the performance of your short distance running. The following are some of those suggested by Jenny Hadfield, a running sports coach from Chicago.

First, do the heating properly. This is important because the harder you force your body to run fast, the greater the risk of injury to your muscles. Walking and jogging for five to 10 minutes can be done before you do a short run.

To warm up, you can practice high knees, or move your knees up high alternately, or what you usually hear on the spot. In addition, you can do butt kickers. Similar to the movement of the road in place, but only the knees down move and the heels touch the buttocks. Skipping or jumping rope can also be done.

Then you can do joint exercises between walking, jogging, running to run fast. Start walking and increasing your speed every 10 seconds until you reach the full sprint speed.

Tips and Tricks for Sharpening Short-distance Running Speed ​​for Best Performance
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