5 Mistakes When Using Shoes That Can Cause Frequent Pain


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Ever feel your feet hurt when you don't fall or get crushed by anything? It could be that the pain is due to the shoes you have been using all this time. Yes, many people don't realize that their shoes can cause foot pain. Then, why shoes can cause foot pain?

Some mistakes when using shoes are the cause of foot pain

Using shoes that are not in accordance with the activities you do can cause foot pain. Even shoes for sports must be in accordance with the exercise performed. However, there are a number of other things that you might not realize that the shoes you are wearing also cause foot pain, such as:

1. Wear old shoes

sports shoes for knee osteoarthitis

Leg size will continue to change with age. So, wearing old shoes is not the right thing. Older, some ligaments and tendons become more loose, weight, and gravity make your legs wider and stretch. Using old shoes that don't fit properly can cause blisters.

Pregnant women or those who have certain conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis (swollen joints) and diabetes, will usually experience changes in the shape of the legs. Therefore, people with this condition tend to experience tingling, pain, or even numbness when using their old shoes.

2. Often use shoes pointed toes

Shoes pointed toes is a type of shoe with narrowed or pointed ends. This type of shoes is generally too narrow on the front so that it makes your toes feel tight, reddish, or blister.

People who often use these shoes can cause foot damage such as a bunion of the foot (the shape of the big toe), muscle imbalances that cause hammertoes (bent toes), and nerve damage.

3. Too fast to wear new shoes

wear shoes

Surely you like to wear new shoes, but on the other hand your feet hurt. So, too fast wearing new shoes can make your feet hurt because shoes need time to adjust the size of your feet.

To overcome this, do not immediately wear the shoes you just bought. We recommend the inside of the shoe with a few thick socks and leave it. This method makes the shoes more comfortable to wear later.

4. The shoe base of the heel is thinning

wrong shoes

Have you ever noticed that the shoe base of your heel is thinning compared to other parts? This is normal if you often use these shoes. Heel is the part of your foot that supports your entire body weight. When you walk, there is pressure and friction between the shoes and the floor or asphalt, making it easier to thin out.

If you continue to use these shoes, the heel pad will get thinner. Moreover, thinning between the right and left shoes may not be the same. This can make you unable to stand in balance, risk slipping or falling, and make your heels hurt.

5. Do not replace running shoes

the expiration of sports shoes

Reporting from Reader Digest, a doctor named Jack Schuberth believes that people who have a routine of running 2.5 kilometers as much as four or five times a week must change their shoes with new ones every month. The shoes that continue to be used will make the shoe pad become damaged and put more pressure on the foot.

Possibly the condition of the shoe that must be replaced causes pain in the soles of the feet, ankles, knee joints and hips if it continues to be used. Even though it is more common in athletes, you also have to pay attention to the situation running shoes still good to use or not.

5 Mistakes When Using Shoes That Can Cause Frequent Pain
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