4 Conditions That Make Your Mother Better Postpone Weaning Your Little One


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Weaning children is not easy. You need to make preparations from afar because the weaning process should not be carried out originally. That is why, make sure if you wean the child in the right conditions and the right moment. Because, it turns out there are various conditions that make you not wean children.

Various conditions that make you have to delay weaning children

Generally, weaning or the process of stopping breastfeeding are done when the child is 2 years old. Even so, this will vary for each person based on the needs of the mother and child, or for other reasons. The weaning process should not be carried out originally. There are certain situations where the weaning process is better stopped until the situation improves. Such situations include:

  • Food allergy. If you or your partner has an allergy to food, consult your pediatrician or health professional about the benefits of delaying weaning until your child turns one year old. Avoid cow's milk or cow's milk products.
  • Sick. If your child has the flu, it is in the stage teething (teething pain), moderate or after being hospitalized, or not in prime condition, delay the weaning process until your child's condition improves. In essence, you should delay your child's first weaning process if you feel unwell. The best time to do the weaning process is when you and your child are healthy, both physically and psychologically.
  • Pregnant or just giving birth. If you are pregnant or have just given birth, you should also delay the weaning process, unless this process does require that you do not breastfeed your child. Because, your needs and your newborn's needs are the top priority. Give breast milk to newborns first, but still pay attention to the needs of others involved.
  • Stressed out.Moving home, conflict in marriage or work, and other situations that make you vulnerable to stress are not ideal situations for weaning. Ideally, you can start the weaning process when you or your child feels relaxed and not stressed.

Tips for success in weaning children that you can try

If you have got the right time, here are some tips that you can try to wean your child so you don't suckle ASI again.

  • Invite children to talk. Even though he is still small, but you must give understanding to the child that breastfeeding is not good to do if he gets older.
  • Drink milk from a bottle. Many things you can do to make children forget to breastfeed directly. You can train it by giving milk from a bottle.
  • Give appetizing solid food. Make sure if the solid food you give to children always varies from the shape and taste so it does not make children feel bored quickly. Don't forget, make sure if the food you provide is rich in nutrients. If one day your little one whines for breast milk, you can give him a snack like a baby biscuit to reward his stomach so as not to starve.
  • Wear different clothes. If you often use clothes with front buttons that make it easy to breastfeed, you can now try wearing different clothes. Use clothes with buttons on the back, for example. In addition, avoid also undressing in front of children with open breast conditions. This is done so that children do not feel like going back to breastfeeding.
  • Let the child play. Giving children time to play, whether it's playing alone or playing with friends, will make children forget to suckle.
  • Changing sleep habits. The key to the success of weaning children is to do everything that makes it forget to breastfeed. Usually this is related to the habits that you often do to him. If you often put your baby to sleep on his lap while giving milk, from now on change the habit. You can sleep on the baby's cradle, rocking chair or anywhere that makes the child comfortable and easy to fall asleep.
4 Conditions That Make Your Mother Better Postpone Weaning Your Little One
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