Are Cars With Airbags Safe For Pregnant Women?


Medical Video: Seat Belt Safety Demonstration

Air bag or airbag is one of the safety features that is very useful while driving by car. Even if you are pregnant, you do not need to worry because the air bag has been specifically designed to support the role of seat belts in maintaining the safety of passengers and motorists.

Not only in the front seats, some car companies also complete the back seat of the car with an air bag. The air bag system in some types of cars can be manually disabled.

Even though the air bag has been designed in such a way as to maintain safety, still the risk of eye, face, arm and chest injuries still persists. However, that does not mean you have to turn off the air bag system. Because, injuries from car accidents without the help of airbags will be much worse.

As a driver, you can minimize the risk of injury from the air bag by sliding the seat as far as possible and tilting it slightly backwards. Give a distance between the chest and the steering wheel at least 25cm (10 inches). The steering wheel must be parallel to the chest, not parallel to the abdomen or even the head. Avoid sitting back or sitting with your body too leaning forward. Make sure the seat belt is not loosened to reduce the sudden jolt in case of an accident. This also allows the air bag to work properly.

As a passenger, you can reduce the risk of further injury by sitting in the back seat.

Immediately contact your doctor or midwife if you have a car accident, even if only a small accident. The doctor or midwife will ensure the condition of the baby after the accident.

Are Cars With Airbags Safe For Pregnant Women?
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