Benefits of Eating Fish to Improve Sex Passion


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The benefits of eating fish, in addition to fulfilling daily nutritional health, it turns out it is also useful to increase love libido. Libido itself is something that refers to your sexual drive or sexual desire.

Lynn Edlen-Nezin, PhD, author and a health psychologist, explains that nutrients from certain food sources can increase your libido. One of them is eating fish that is useful for heart health.

How can eating fish increase sex libido?

What is the relationship between the benefits of eating fish, heart health, and sex libido? Look, to be able to enjoy sex, men and women must have a strong and healthy blood flow to the genitals. A healthy heart promotes blood circulation throughout the body and can increase sensation during sex.

In addition, the 3 ingredients below will explain how the benefits of the ingredients in fish can affect the increase in human libido:

1. Arginine

Arginine is an amino acid used by the body to produce nitric oxide. In human genitals, nitric oxide is used to expand blood vessels. If you rarely eat fish, this can limit a man's ability to erect and interfere with a woman's ability to be aroused. Fish containing arginine include salmon, cod and halibut.

2. Zinc

The zinc content in the body is mostly associated with testosterone levels in the blood. According to a 1997 article, made by doctor Walter Eddy, a lack of zinc in the body can disrupt the sex glands and cause a small number of male sperm.Zinc is also beneficial for healthy sexual development for humans.

One way to get your daily zinc is by eating fish. It is recommended for men to eat fish containing 11 mg of zinc, and women as much as 8 mg. Meanwhile, fish that contain a lot of zinc minerals include 0.5 mg cod, 1 mg salmon, tuna and sardines containing 0.8 mg zinc minerals per portion.

3. Omega 3 content

One of the benefits of eating the most sought after is the content of omega 3 which is very useful for balancing the body's hormones. A good body hormone will increase blood circulation to the genitals, so that libido can be more easily raised. In addition, the benefits of eating fish are also good for fertility, which also increases sexual drive for both men and women.

The benefits of eating other fish are good for the body

Reducing the risk of high cholesterol and heart disease

If you have a high cholesterol content, this will increase the risk of heart disease, because cholesterol will stick to the blood vessels and inhibit the flow of blood pumped by the heart. The content of omega 3 in fish can keep the body's cholesterol levels balanced. So, you can reduce the level of risk of being twice as small as having a heart attack, if you eat fish regularly.

Prevent depression

Depression is usually characterized by a low mood, always feeling the body is not energized, and lazy to undergo daily activities. Unfortunately, depression is currently one of the most dangerous mental health problems. A study found that people who eat fish regularly tend to experience depression less often.

Why is that? Experiments that have been tested have found that omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial against depression. In addition, the benefits of eating fish regularly can increase the effectiveness of antidepressant drugs. This applies if you have problems with the mood and the presence of depression, at least the drugs you consume will have a better impact to prevent depression from coming back.

Benefits of Eating Fish to Improve Sex Passion
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