Gargle-rinse After Sex It Can Help Prevent Gonorrhea


Medical Video: Home Remedies for Gonorrhea

After having sex, it feels the most perfect when it ends with a flirting session or making out with a partner. Eits, wait a minute. Have you cleaned your mouth with gargling? Gargling after sex is indeed effective for protecting yourself from venereal disease, gonorrhea. You really need steps to prevent gonorrhea, which is more than just using a condom. Because, at this time the rate of transmission of gonorrhea is increasing in all parts of the world. So that you and your partner can still make love safely, see the following reviews.

How can I get gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is a type of infectious bacterial infection that commonly attacks the urinary tract, rectum, and throat. In women, gonorrhea can also infect the uterus and reproductive system.

Gonorrhea transmission generally occurs through sex. Because the bacteria that cause gonorrhea live in reproductive organs, rectum (mouth), mouth, and throat. Having sex or even just kissing someone who has been infected with gonorrhea can make you infected.

So far the best way to prevent gonorrhea is to use condoms during oral sex and penetration and not changing sexual partners.

Gargling after sex can prevent gonorrhea

At the end of 2016, experts conducted laboratory tests on various oral cleansing fluids sold in stores. From clinical trials published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Disease, it was concluded that gargling with oral cleansing fluids after sex with people who have been infected with gonorrhea can reduce the risk of bacterial infection.

Through a series of comprehensive examinations in the laboratory, it is known that the active ingredient in oral cleansing fluids such as alcohol can kill most of the gonorrhea bacteria in the mouth and throat. Based on observations of the study participants, the possibility of contracting gonorrhea could be 80% smaller if after your sex rinsed with oral cleansing liquid.

But my partner is clean? How can I contract gonorrhea?

You might think you don't need to gargle after sex because you or your partner don't have gonorrhea. However, keep in mind that most people who have gonorrhea do not realize that they have contracted it. The symptoms of gonorrhea are very difficult to recognize, sometimes you don't even experience any symptoms. So, it is important for anyone to take preventative steps by rinsing after sex.

However, gargling alone cannot guarantee you will not contract this gonorrhea. You still have to take other preventive measures, including using condoms when having sex.

Proper mouthwash to prevent gonorrhea

If you gargle right after making love, you and your partner can prevent gonorrhea. Here it is, how to gargle the right sex.

  • After you finish kissing or having oral sex, immediately clean your mouth and throat with oral cleansing liquid.
  • Gargle thoroughly for at least one minute. Make sure all corners of the mouth are washed, including your throat. However, do not swallow your oral cleansing liquid. Simply gargle while looking up, until your face stares at the ceiling.
  • Dispose of oral cleansing liquid and rinse again with plain water.
Gargle-rinse After Sex It Can Help Prevent Gonorrhea
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