Why can genital warts come back again even though they have been treated?


Medical Video: Do Genital Warts Come Back After Treatment?

There are many cases which state that patients who have already been treated for genital warts report the return of the disease. Generally, the disease returns after two to three months of treatment or in some cases will return after one year of treatment. How did it happen?

Causes of genital warts

Genital warts are sexually transmitted infections in the form of small skin-colored lumps or redness that grow around your genitals. Usually this disease arises from infection with certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV), namely HPV 6 and 11. HPV itself is a collection of viruses that can cause genital wart disease and certain types of cancer.

Usually, this virus is transmitted through oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Sometimes, HPV can spread when a mother infected with HPV gives birth to her baby into the world. This virus usually causes genital or respiratory system infections in infants.

Prevention of HPV can be done by vaccinating before someone is sexually active. This is because HPV itself is transmitted through sexual contact. Therefore, doctors recommend immunization be given since a 10 year old child.

Why do genital warts reappear after treatment?

The main question that is being asked by many people is why can genital warts appear again even though they have been treated? The answer is because the treatment of this disease only removes the warts, not eradicating the HPV virus which is the cause of its appearance. Genital warts are only one of the HPV infections that enter chronic infection and are lifelong.

As explained, genital warts can be treated, but infectionsHPV cannot be cured. After treatment, you may be free of this disease. However, HPV is still in your body and can "live" again, causing recurrence of the disease.

Treatment of diseases in foreign terms is called genital warts this does not eliminate HPV that is lodged in your body. So that the body is still possible to spread infection. Warts that reappear after treatment are usually not treated again unless you want to do treatment again. For the second treatment, doctors will usually choose a different type of treatment than before.

Then, should genital warts be treated if you have a risk of relapse?

Genital warts do not always need treatment and can disappear on their own. However, untreated genital warts also have the possibility to remain, even increasing in size and number. Therefore, treating this disease is important for:

  • Speed ​​up the healing process.
  • Clean the genital area of ​​the wart.
  • Reduces the symptoms that appear such as pain, itching, and irritation.
  • Reducing the risk of spreading the virus.
  • Reducing the possibility of a more virulent outbreak.

For this reason, if you have this disease, it is better to keep on doing treatment even though the risk of returning this disease also remains. At least, you have made an effort to eliminate it temporarily and reduce the risk of its severity.

Talk to your partner about the risk of illness that might return. In addition, you also need to consult a doctor to help you get the best care from the disease you are suffering from.

Why can genital warts come back again even though they have been treated?
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