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3 Principles of Maintaining Penis Health for You Who Biking Frequently


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Cycling is not just a means of transportation for you to go to school or office. Riding a bicycle can also be a healthy sport for the body. But be careful, cycling that is not done properly and can cause problems with penis health. So, what's the danger and how to maintain penis health when cycling? Relax, all the answers you can get in the following review.

How can a cycling routine endanger the penis?

According to a study published in Acta Scandinavian Neurology, too long cycling makes 20 percent of men experience numbness, while 13 percent even experience impotence lasting more than seven days. This is because participants experience damage to the pudendal nerve and cavernous tissue due to too long cycling.

The pudendal nerve is the main nerve located in the perineum (the area between the testis and anus), involved in the process of ejaculation and orgasm in men. Whereas cavernous tissue (the corpus cavernosa) is a spongy tissue that contains many blood vessels which are also erectile tissue.

When sitting on a bicycle, the overall weight is supported by the buttocks. This causes suppression of the perineal area, the area between the anus and the intimate organs. In this perineum the location of the pudendal nerve supplies blood flow to the male penis.

Too long sitting in a bicycle seat that is not ideal - usually a small, narrow, and long bicycle seat that has a 'nose' at the end - giving a lot of pressure on the pudendal nerve. As a result, blood flow to the penis decreases by 66 percent and can cause damage slowly. This is why, the penis can become numb (numb), pelvic pain, difficulty ejaculating, or even erectile dysfunction (also called impotence).

How to maintain penis health when cycling?

After knowing the dangers of cycling for penis health, it does not mean you then stop this healthy habit. Because, this depends on how long you ride every day. If the frequency of cycling can be reduced, then the risk of danger to the penis is also reduced.

Some ways that can help maintain penis health while cycling are as follows:

1. Improve body posture

The best posture for maintaining penis health while cycling is to balance your weight on the sitting bones. This sitting bone is located in the area of ​​the buttocks that becomes the foundation of your weight when sitting.

Leaning forward can indeed accelerate the speed of the bicycle. Unfortunately, this position also exerts excessive pressure on your genital nerves. So to maintain the health of your penis, sit comfortably and balance your body as best you can. Keep your back straight while cycling to reduce pressure on the sitting bones and surrounding organs.

2. Change the size of the bicycle seat

For those of you who like cycling, the health of your penis depends on the size of the bicycle seat you have. Because, according to a study published in the Sexual Medicine Journal, the size of a bicycle seat that is wider can reduce the pressure on your genital area.

A narrower seat bike makes your penis depressed. Repeated pressure makes the penis become numb (numb) so that the risk of reducing your sexual arousal later on.

Therefore, replace your bicycle seat with a wider surface so that the weight of the body does not suppress vital organs. In addition, you can also use special pants designed to protect the waist and groin area while cycling. These pants have padding or foam that is flexible and thick enough, so that it can protect when there is a shock when cycling, especially on roads that are not smooth.

3. Limiting the intensity of cycling

There is nothing wrong with sporting a bicycle, but also pay attention to the frequency of your exercise. Give a long pause before you start cycling again on another day.

At least, give enough space for your vital organs from pressure when cycling. Don't let your fear of sexual problems affect your cycling routine. Because reported by Livestrong, cycling actually reduces the risk of hypertension which can cause erectile dysfunction.

The most important thing is to regulate the time and intensity of cycling, improve sitting position, and replace bicycle seats to maintain the health of your penis.

3 Principles of Maintaining Penis Health for You Who Biking Frequently
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