Are you sure you have eaten less sugar? 5 These Foods Secretly Contain High Sugar


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Today, many people - maybe including you - are trying to avoid sweet and high sugar foods. Of course, this aims to prevent the risk of chronic diseases, especially diabetes mellitus.

But you know, there are some foods that contain lots of sugar without you even knowing it? Some of them actually "look" and are considered healthy foods. But from these foods, you actually eat enough sugar. Then what is secretly including high-sugar food?

High-sugar foods that you might not suspect

According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, consumption of sugar more than 50 grams per day will increase the risk of diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, and other chronic diseases. The American Heart Association recommends that eating sugar is better not more than 25 grams or 6 teaspoons for women per day. while for men, recommended eating sugar is only 38 grams, equivalent to 9 teaspoons.

During this time you might only think if sugar is only in sweet foods such as chocolate, pastries, sweets, and other sweet foods. And you've tried to refrain from all that sweet food. But, did you know that sugar is also found in salty foods or even healthy drinks?

You might not expect that the following foods actually make you risk to experience chronic diseases. What foods contain hidden sugars?

1. Yogurt that is not labeled "plain "

Maybe you think yogurt is one healthy snack. Not wrong, yogurt can indeed help smooth your digestion. But, be careful with the sugar content in it. In low-fat yogurt, there are only 17-33 grams of sugar.

If you want to eat yogurt, you should choose the taste plain because the sugar content tends to be lower.

2. Sauce

It tastes spicy, but the sauce can destroy your diet because of its high sugar content. When you consume this you may not realize that you have consumed a lot of sugar. Do not believe? In just one spoonful of sauce there is 4 grams of sugar. Imagine how much sauce you use a day for your food.

3. Salad dressing

Many rely on salads as their diet when they are on a healthy diet. It's healthy, but try to look at the nutritional value of the packaging salad dressing that you use. If you use two tablespoons salad dressing as a mixture of your salad, then you have consumed about 7-10 grams of sugar. Try to calculate how much salad dressing you use and the sugar content that you have unwittingly consumed?

the healthiest salad dressing

4. Canned fruit or dried fruit

If you often eat dried fruit or canned fruit or dried fruit, you can have a higher risk of developing chronic diseases, why? In just one canned fruit there is sugar as much as 39 grams. While on 400 grams of dried fruit there are 25 grams of sugar that you don't know.

5. Packaging fruit juice

Who doesn't like fruit juice? Fruit juice can be an alternative source of your daily fiber. However, this is not equivalent to the sugar content in it. In 35 ml of apple juice, there are at least 39 grams of sugar or equal to 10 teaspoons.

How can you avoid high-sugar foods that you don't know about?

Not only do you have to avoid sweet foods, but from now on, make it a habit to read the nutritional value of the food or beverage package that you are about to buy. See how much sugar is contained in the food or drink. You can also compare the sugar content of some of the same products.

 Sometimes, the sugar in food packages is not written as 'sugar'. Sugar also has other names such as:

  • Sucrose
  • Fructose
  • Corn syrup
  • Dextrose
  • Maltosa

When you see the content in the food package, it means that the meal contains sugar and can increase the amount of your daily sugar consumption.

Are you sure you have eaten less sugar? 5 These Foods Secretly Contain High Sugar
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