Wear tight clothes while pregnant, what's the risk?



You and your husband may want to show the little gift to your family by wearing tight clothes while pregnant. Nowadays, showing off a pregnancy has become commonplace. So, many pregnant women deliberately wear tight clothes while pregnant so that their stomachs become more visible. However, obstetricians actually do not recommend pregnant women to wear clothes that are too tight or tight. The following are the reasons.

Is it true that you wear tight clothes when you are pregnant make a miscarriage?

Many people believe wearing tight clothing can make the baby's sister in the womb squeeze, even to a miscarriage. In fact, there are no cases of miscarriages because pregnant women wear clothes that are too tight. Tight clothing is usually not as strong as that can cause the fetus or uterus to be squashed.

Risk of wearing tight clothing while pregnant

Even though wearing tight clothes during pregnancy can't make a miscarriage, there are some risks that you should avoid. Here it is the consequences of wearing tight clothes while pregnant.

1. Inhibiting blood flow

During pregnancy, mother and baby need more and more smooth blood supply. So, the volume of blood in the body of pregnant women also increases by about 50% of ordinary people. Clothing that is too tight can inhibit the flow of blood. The heart must work even harder to pump blood to all parts of the body. Not to mention because blood flow is not smooth, you may become more tingling.

2. Triggers an ulcer (heartburn)

Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, especially in the abdomen and waist. Because the digestive process of pregnant women is slower than people in general. If the food that accumulates in the stomach and has not been digested is pressed from the outside, stomach acid and these foods can rise to the esophagus and cause ulcers.

3. Vaginal yeast infection

Be careful if you wear leggings, tight jeans, or tight underwear. Pregnant women usually produce more vaginal fluids. Your female area becomes more moist. If there is no air circulation in the area, bacteria and yeast will multiply rapidly. This is at risk of causing vaginal yeast infections.

4. Back, leg and chest pain

If you have been experiencing pain in body parts such as your back, legs, chest and abdomen, maybe because you still often wear tight clothes while pregnant. Tight clothing will inhibit blood flow and cause swelling and pain in certain body parts.

Clothes that are safe for pregnant women

In order to avoid the various risks of wearing tight clothes during pregnancy, use clothes that are loose, absorb sweat, and comfortable. Wear jeans still quite safe, but make sure the waist is wide enough to support your stomach. You can choose special clothes for pregnant women or buy clothes with a larger size than usual.

Wear tight clothes while pregnant, what's the risk?
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